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Cisco at Gadget show

admin October 21, 2014

It can be very costly to attend an exhibition with very little help from exhibition organisers on preparation and planning for a successful show – well let me try and help! Focus on these 4 elements and you will be guaranteed a good profitable show:-
1) Ensure your brand is positioned with standout – you will have spent a lot of money on the stand space, but its vital to have your exhibition stand designed in such a way that you will stand out from the rest, a couple of popup banners will do you no good in a cluttered environment
2) Create a space that your customers feel welcome in – remember to make it completely approachable, from the design of stand to the flow of people over your stand and ensure there are no physical barriers to make customers feel separated or alienated from your stand
3) Seize each and every opportunity to engage with your customers – don’t use internal office staff to approach visitors and start dialogue, with the best will in the world office based staff are not 100% comfortable to approach large numbers of customers. Even sales staff are not ideal. If you do use sales staff, ensure they are used for sales and not for qualifying customers, the best possible way of doing this is to use promotional staff to approach customers and ask them if they are interested in the product and if they are in the market for your product, this will allow your sales staff to purely focus on writing orders and closing sales.
4) Have a really well thought out way of collecting data from customers, whether that be a competition or a barcode scanner. Also ensure you have the communication setup before the show to ensure it is automated and sends an email to your customers automatically. Wouldn’t you like it if you gave an email address at a show and you received an email that evening thanking you for visiting a stand without any call to sales? At the end of the show you can then send marketing material or even better follow up with a phone call.
We would be more than happy to supply you with an exhibition check list to ensure you have everything you need for a successful exhibition! Either email us at enquiries@ngageltd.com or call and chat on 0203 6750640.