We like to think that there are three types of promotional marketing agencies. There are those that call themselves “promotional staffing” agencies. There are others that call themselves “brand experience” agencies. And then there’s Ngage. We call ourselves a “brand experience implementation and promotional staffing” agency.

But why have we decided on this “double the promotional value” approach in one agency? If you’re looking for assistance with your experiential or field-marketing projects why shouldn’t you choose between a promotional staffing agency or a brand experience agency? The reason that we think you should choose Ngage instead is because we offer a more rounded, comprehensive and focused two-pronged approach to promoting your business or product – and one that allows us to fulfil the targeted promotional needs of our clients.

Put simply, we believe that promotional staffing AND brand experience implementation go hand-in-hand and should be project managed by one expert agency to achieve the best promotional results.

At Ngage, we’re particularly proud of our results in delivering brand experience campaigns. While Brand Experience agencies will assist clients with the development of an effective marketing campaign, and we have a number of top-rated brand experience agencies that we like to team up with, our brand experience implementation is about ensuring clients have the best agency in charge of seeing through their brand experience campaign.

When implementing a marketing promotion, event or field marketing project we can utilise our best promotional staff and expertise to ensure that every campaign is focused on reaching the right customers and the ideal outcome.

We know our staff well and can ensure that the right people are placed with the right promotional events to suit your brand experience delivery, whether it’s at an exhibition, festival or hospitality occasion.

Ngage is an agency that sees the bigger picture in terms of promotional staffing and brand experience delivery and works hard to achieve the best and most focused all-encompassing result for your company.

Why not give us a call to find out how we have achieved this with other companies or to further discuss your requirements?