It’s always interesting to keep track of what are the growing trends in brand experience and who is embracing these concepts. A recent Marketing Week article suggested that “live shows” are the “ultimate brand experience”.
These live shows are aimed at giving consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a company’s idea.
Now Debenhams has launched its own live show brand experience. The major department store is offering customers the chance to become familiar with their new range of clothing called Edition. The high street giant has opened a “pop-up” shop in Newburgh Street, near Carnaby Street in London to show off the new collection, which is aimed at the younger customer.
The brand experience will be available in other “trendier” pockets of London, such as Covent Garden and Marylebone High Street.
At Ngage we’re always keen to hear about new ways to engage with the consumer and to find out the public’s reactions to emerging brand experience trends.
Tell us what you think about live shows as a form of marketing and if you have come across any other similar concepts?