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We think there are three types of promotional agencies

admin May 25, 2016

We like to think that there are three types of promotional marketing agencies. There are those that call themselves “promotional staffing” agencies. There are others that call themselves “brand experience” agencies. And then there’s Ngage. We call ourselves a “brand experience implementation and promotional staffing” agency. But why have we decided on this “double the promotional […]

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A guide to choosing the right promotional staff and agency

admin March 23, 2016

Who are the they? There are many names for promotional staff, such as Promotional Staff, Promotional Models, Event Staff, Field Marketing staff, Sales Staff, Exhibition Staff, Models, Leafleting Staff, Festival Staff, Grid Girls, Hospitality Staff, Roadshow Staff and Hit Squads. A good agency take the time to match you up with the right staff for […]

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Quality of promotional staff in London

admin August 13, 2015

I have recently been asked if there is a difference in the quality of promotional staff in London compared to the rest of the UK! There is a very easy response to this question – in every city there are strong promotional staff and weak promotional staff! I know this sounds fairly simple but you […]

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Moscato promotional staff

Promotional Staff Quality

admin May 28, 2015

Having spent the last few days at the NEC in Birmingham, I was surprised to see the varied quality of promotional staff and to be honest, I was quite shocked at the vast majority!

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