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Trends in Brand Experience

admin August 15, 2016

It’s always interesting to keep track of what are the growing trends in brand experience and who is embracing these concepts. A recent Marketing Week article suggested that “live shows” are the “ultimate brand experience”. These live shows are aimed at giving consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a company’s idea.  Now Debenhams has […]

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Why successful Brand Experience will touch a range of senses

admin June 1, 2016

Can you smell a good marketing strategy? Will consumers like the sound of a new promotional activity? Well, according to the experts, all marketers should pay attention to more senses than simply sight when creating and delivering a marketing campaign or brand experience. Research has revealed that while 83% of commercial communication appeals to our […]

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We think there are three types of promotional agencies

admin May 25, 2016

We like to think that there are three types of promotional marketing agencies. There are those that call themselves “promotional staffing” agencies. There are others that call themselves “brand experience” agencies. And then there’s Ngage. We call ourselves a “brand experience implementation and promotional staffing” agency. But why have we decided on this “double the promotional […]

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shopping centre

Shopping centre promotional site space

admin September 3, 2015

For Brands wanting to engage with their customer in the run up to Christmas you need to consider the environments that your customers will be in. There is a growing trend in the UK for shopping centre shopping! Fairly obviously, the background to this has got to do with the weather, proximity of shops and […]

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Ngage delivers brand experience for new brand “Come Fry With Me”

admin July 28, 2015

New dining experience “Come Fry With Me” achieved take-off last week at Box park in London’s trendy Shoreditch area! Ngage delivered a product sampling campaign to launch “Come Fry With Me”  which plans on opening its first store in London in the autumn. To whet the appetite and understand how consumers would feel about the […]

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