You may recently have seen the new Homebase advert which includes a makeover of a children’s hospice in Walsall. Well, we are extremely proud to announce that Ngage managed the entire project and our promotional staff feature right through the advert. This is not only a very proud moment for Ngage, but also illustrates the varied skills of our promotional and operational staff. The makeover was designed by a partner design agency but the planning and delivery was carried out by Ngage.

Over a two day period, we selected furniture from Homebase, completely cleared the Akorn hospice of furniture and stripped walls and floors. We went about installing flooring, painting murals on walls and roofs, replaced lights and installed furniture and fittings to deliver what ended up being an amazing space for the hospice. We are very proud of all the staff that worked on the project – they did an amazing job.

If you would like more details or a copy of the advert please don’t hesitate to contact Ngage at 0845 6800682 or enquiries@ngageltd.com