There are rules around leafleting in many city centers in the UK. Gone are the days when you would run off 500 leaflets, call up a promotional staffing agency and tell them to supply you with staff to hand out the leaflets. Recently there has been a trend for inner city councils, including Birmingham and London, to license any leafleters. While it is not prohibitively expensive, you cannot leaflet without these licenses! Licenses can either be purchased in an individuals name or in a company’s name and each license can be purchased for a 12 month period.
Applications need to be made through the Birmingham City Council and all applications take a minimum of 7 days to be approved. Ngage have applied for these licenses and can provide you with a cost effective way to deliver leafleting campaigns. There are a number of other areas that you should consider when putting together a leafleting campaign, as follows:-
• Time of day and footfall figures
• Effectiveness of literature – attention grabbing
• Number of staff required
• Delivery and storage of leaflets
• Event Managers to manage breaks and where staff are positioned to ensure maximum exposure
• Promotional clothing
Should you require any further information on City Centre leafleting please contact us.