We have recently managed a campaign with Homebase, which has resulted in an amazing “changing rooms” sponsorship of a children’s hospice in Walsall. You may have seen the transformation of the train station on television and Homebase wants to transform all spaces into wonderful places! To amplify what Homebase did in the train station, we also transformed a park bench in Crystal Palace park, a phone booth in Coventry and a bus stop in Bristol!
Homebase then opened up a competition for anyone in the UK to nominate their choice of public space that they would like to have transformed. I am very excited to announce that a children’s hospice in Walsall has won the competition and today we have sent promotional staff, operators, shopfitters, mural painters and electricians to transform their rooms in two days.
Thank you Homebase and thank you to all the highest quality staff for delivering, what will no doubt be, an amazing transformation and will make a huge difference to the children’s lives. Watch this space for photos of the transformation.