Who are the they? There are many names for promotional staff, such as Promotional Staff, Promotional Models, Event Staff, Field Marketing staff, Sales Staff, Exhibition Staff, Models, Leafleting Staff, Festival Staff, Grid Girls, Hospitality Staff, Roadshow Staff and Hit Squads. A good agency take the time to match you up with the right staff for your particular marketing campaign or promotion. We call ours Brand Ambassadors!

Choose quality: The primary benefit of hiring promotional staff through an established agency is that the staff are much more likely to have been screened. They will also be more professional and experienced. You want promotional staff who can deliver a great service for your company, so it pays to choose an agency that can prove its experience and professionalism.

Smart pickings: At the very least, you should expect your promotional staff to be reliable, efficient and perfect time keepers. This should go without saying. But you should also look for recommendations of smart staff. They should understand your company or products and be able to market and act for you in a knowledgeable fashion. The quality benefits far exceed the cost difference when hiring premium staff.

Which agency? An agency is only as good as the staff on its books. You’re looking for promotional staff who are intelligent and polished – but also perfect for your requirements. An agency should be readily available and easy to work with. If they take the time to talk through what you’re looking for and find out your bespoke needs then they obviously care.

How does the agency treat you?: A good agency will work intelligently and ask all the right questions. You shouldn’t need to prompt them to do this as this is their job. They should also offer advice and make suggestions. The agency and its staff needs to get on with your company and your staff for an effective campaign.

Take it easy: If an agency tries to rush you into making a decision or seems to be pushing ideas that you’re not sure about, then back away. Promotional business should be efficient but it should also feel relaxed, too.

Ensure insurance: The agency that you choose must be insured so that if anything happens your company is not liable. While you are responsible for public liability insurance for your event site (most companies include this as part of their overall policy, but it’s still worth checking and getting a copy of the certificate), promotional staff insurance shouldn’t be your responsibility. This is cover that all promotional staffing agencies should cover.

Do they adhere to basic employment laws: Holiday pay, pension payments, sick pay and employers National insurance are just a few of the important costs that we include in our costs of employing Brand Ambassadors, make sure your agency does the same – no cash in hand payments…

Ask to meet the staff: You’ll know immediately if you are going to get along with your promotional staff from the minute that you meet them. We’re not suggesting a full-on interview here because the agency should have carried this out before even hiring their staff. It’s just about gut feelings and friendliness. The better you like the staff the more likely you are to create an effective marketing or promotional campaign. Added to this, the friendlier the staff  the more likely it is that your customers will respond to the promotional or brand experience.

If you want to talk to us about our high quality promotional staff and what we can offer your company, please contact us.