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Ngage is a marketing agency that creates engaging experiences to change the behaviour of consumers using sampling, events and promotional staff.

Brand Experience

Brand Experience Agency

At Ngage we focus almost entirely on the experience achieved between a brand and its customers. Its no longer effective to solely focus on giving out samples, to change consumer behaviour we need to engage with customers and create a memorable interaction that focuses on engaging as many senses as possible. Ultimately we want potential customers to evaluate whether this brand is one they would like to adopt. We must not forget that all campaigns need to consider the live environment and the consumer journey. All campaigns need to consider consumer insight  and target market to achieve relevant cut-through in what has become a cluttered environment.

We have experience in delivering the following services:-


  • Demonstrations
  • Live Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Promotional staffing
  • Roadshows
  • In-store promotions
  • Shopping centre promotions
  • Product launches
  • Product demonstrations


Planning and Strategy

It is vital that we understand who your target market is and where they go! This allows us to suggest environments that are relevant to your brand and carry the highest sales conversion rates to deliver successful campaigns. We also utilizes strategic customer analysis methods to identify and determine that we accurately focus our campaigns.

Market Research

Market intelligence allows us to align a brand experience to your customers. We not only utilize data from professional consumer insight providers but we collect data from every event, supermarket or promotional space we visit to ensure our own database is accurate and relevant. We focus on breaking the consumer autopilot to allow customers to evaluate a product.

Consumer Insight

Knowing your customer impacts on the design of the brand experience ensuring relevance and appealing to their values. We establish ways to effectively engage with your target market through invetive ways. Hosting focus groups allows us to align our projects to be highly relevant. The focus groups offer us valuable consumer insight, which assists us in determining locations, time of need and method of delivery for the marketing of your product.

Consumer Insight + Market Research = Award winning campaigns