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Ngage is a full service Brand Experience promotional staffing agency. Through our commitment to provide the highest quality promotional staff, we create engaging experiences.

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Promotional staff

The most important element of any brand experience is the quality of the information that is being communicated and the quality of the promotional staff that you employ to communicate with your customers.

We specialize in ensuring the person that you employ to represent your brand is the most qualified, most engaging person for the job. Our promotional staff may be talking to a CEO one minute and a teenager the next minute - it's how they adapt themselves to these customers that make the promotional staff outstanding.

Finding these outstanding promotional staff takes dedication and a single minded determination, but we believe we have the key to finding them! We continuously sift through thousands of applicants to discover the highest quality brand ambassadors. If our staff don't already "LOVE YOUR BRAND" they won't work on your project.

We often get asked "What's your secret"? We are proud to say that we treat our staff so well, they don't want to work for any other agencies! Our secret is to retain the highest quality promotional staff once we have identified them. Give us a try we would love to show you what we can do for your brand!

Brand experience implementation

Ngage ensures that whatever we do, be it an event, brand experience, roadshow, exhibition, sampling campaign, field marketing campaign or simply an interaction with our promotional staff, that we facilitate a memorable face to face interaction between a brand and its consumers. We are an implementation agency first and foremost which ensures we focus on the delivery of brand experience campaigns.

We focus on engaging with the "right" consumers at the "right" time, as part of, or independently to, integrated marketing campaigns. Whether we deliver a sampling campaign or a live event we ensure it is relevant to your target market.  This dictates that our methods are a truly effective means of marketing your product, where the primary objective is to achieve consistent long-term consumer loyalty. Ngage have a proven track record of delivering award winning campaigns.

We are leaders in the fields of brand experience, field marketing and promotional staff, but more importantly we really enjoy what we do, offering a value for money proposition to our clients, and an uncompromising commitment to client service, we work with Agencies, brands and venue owners.

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